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Remember the Magic
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in Harry/Disney Girls ETC...'s LiveJournal:

Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
4:44 pm
Long time no post
::blows dust of the harrydisneygals community::

No one has posted in here since last summer. So anyhow, is anyone up for doing a "Beginning of summer Fantasmic Night"? I have not been to Disneyland in far too long....it would be fun! :D

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Saturday, June 5th, 2004
3:13 pm
All day Disney trip or Fantasmic Night!
So, now that it is summer and everyone is out of school, who's up for an all day Disneyland trip or a Fantasmic Night?

I do not have any dates in mind or anything...just drop a comment and let me know when you guys are free and maybe we can pull something together. I was thinking this week or weekend...

Hope to hear from ya'll soon!

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
9:09 pm
In honor of the long awaited summer return of Believe!

Believe night!!!!
Small World Mall
May 28th, 2004
show starts at 9:25
call or comment for details!

Mark your calendars!

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
9:08 am
Sorcer's Stone!!
Chris Columbus, director of the first two films, has went back in and added 20 minutes of deleted scenes to the first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The special extended edition will be aired when it makes its broadcast debut on May 9th on ABC. It will be the first time the movie has ever been seen this way.

Like we reported last week, ABC will also be airing a special 10 minute Prisoner of Azkaban sneak peek hosted by Emma, Dan and Rupert. Click here for the preview commercial.


So...who wants to come over to my place that night and watch it?!? it comes on at 7 i think, we could maybe even do a small feast or something! what do we think?

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, March 18th, 2004
12:04 am
ON MORE NIGHT until...


I'm so excited! EEEEeeeEeeEeEeee! OH...Lani...bring your digital camera...I am going to bring the list of emotions on lj...we shall begin the emotion iconNESS! OH YEAH!


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Friday, March 5th, 2004
5:24 pm
To all parties interested:

Fantasmic night is now on Saturday 20! If you can make it let me know! I work friday night...


3/14 Critter Country 2:45-11:15
3/15 Princess Court 10:30-7
3/16 Princess Court 9-5:30
3/19 Critter Country 8:30-5
3/20 Meet Mickey 8-4:30 (Fantamic night to follow!)

Come visit me at work!

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Monday, March 1st, 2004
1:25 am
It's Back!

You are cordially invited to attend:
(non)Believe/Fantasmic! Night
at The Rivers of America
on March 19 (or 20 depending on my schedule)
at 5?? PM
Please bring music, games and blankets!
RSVP by comment

OK...let me know if you can make it! (Cross posted!)
Sunday, February 29th, 2004
10:22 pm
Disneyland Hotel
Saturday, March 6 - Sunday March 7

In celebration of my (and a belated Erin and Christin)'s birthdays, We have got a Hotel room at the Disneyland Hotel. WE will be meeting at Disneyland to hang out all day Sat, and tehn we will transfer from there to the Hotel for Spa-ige, cake and Butterbeer (giggle)...

Give Lani or Christin a call if you can go!

...its gunna be ever so much fun!

Current Mood: excited
Monday, December 1st, 2003
1:39 am
quick thing....why isnt christin or lauren on here?

and another...im trying to remember what the jungle cruise skipper said...everythnig was really funny....like the lean to the right thing, and the stay in school thing....help me!

Monday, October 6th, 2003
9:50 pm
My turn...
1) Fav Movie: Mary Poppins, or Beauty and the Beast
2) Fav character: Mickey or dumbo
3) Fav part of fantasmic: joygasm of course, of course
4) Fav part of Believe: DAYLIGHT!!!
5) Fav ride: Indy or Space
6) Fav land: New Orleans' Square
7) Fav place to eat: French Market
8) Fav store: Music Store
9) Best person to ride with: Emilee
10) Fav song: April Showers

1) Fav Movie: Chamber
2) Fav character: hermione
3) Fav book: PoA
4) Fav spell: Alohomora
5) Fav class: Transfiguration
6) Fav house: Hufflepuff of course!
7) Fav magical creature: hippogriff
8) Fav magical treat: Chocolate Frog
9) Fav sorting hat rhyme: 4th
10) Fav Quidditch position: Chaser

1) Fav inside joke: Me? Have sex?
2) Fav Troy play (you were in): Christmas Carol!!!
3) Fav Troy play (you werent in): Picnic, best set!
4) Fav Denny's moment: telling Alan i was gay...but he didnt get it...
5) Best Cast Party: Tatooed Sailor
6) Memorable Disneyland moment: pincushion lady!
(Dubious achievements of the Disney/Harry girls "+ guy")
7) Best laugh: Christin...her whole face gets into it! :-P
8) Drama Queen: me
9) Last to arrive: ERIN!!!
10)Craziest driver: Lani (stup yellow light kiss thingy!)
9:27 pm
Survey Says!!!
1) Fav Movie: Beauty and the Beast and Parent Trap (the old one of course)...o yeah, and Pirates
2) Fav character: Belle
3) Fav part of fantasmic: The Joygasm of course....but acutally, Wendy when she bounces up and down with the pirates, for some reason i *love* the coreography of that part...
4) Fav part of Believe: em-eye-see-kay-ee-why em-oh-you-ess-ee
5) Fav ride: Haunted (when its normal)
6) Fav land: Fantasy Land
7) Fav place to eat: Gibson Girl
8) Fav store: Tink shoppe (before it was changed to the princessness)
9) Best person to ride with: hmm...prolly lauren
10) Fav song: Red Yellow Green Red Blue Blue Blue (hehe)

1) Fav Movie: hmm...both, cant decide
2) Fav character: Katie Bell of course....and prolly Snape cuase hes so well written
3) Fav book: PoA
4) Fav spell: expecto patronum...i wonder what mine would be?!?
5) Fav class: History of Magic, cuase i am acutally being taught by Prof Binns this sem...only hes not transparent....or dead....o well, a girl can dream
6) Fav house: GO GO GRYFFINDORS!!!
7) Fav magical creature: bubotuber...come on is that not the coolest name ever?!?
8) Fav magical treat: in real life cockroach clusters or butterbeer, in the book butterbeer and licorice wands
9) Fav sorting hat rhyme: 5th...i love Helga Hufflepuff now!
10) Fav Quidditch position: Chaser of course!!

1) Fav inside joke: the Christmas PUSSY!!! (and the "you're a ____", which we finally have a comeback to the comeback)
2) Fav Troy play (you were in): Picnic and White Watch!!!! yay twinkies!!!!
3) Fav Troy play (you werent in): Masked Rider of the Black Hills '99
4) Fav Denny's moment: having pics taken of us in our Harry Costumes
5) Best Cast Party: Christmas Carol (make *loff* to the camera) or Picnic (10 fingers...very intersting) or Drama Awards '02 (*giggles*)
6) Memorable Disneyland moment: the Chocolate Covered Goodness!!! and meeting the Yeti!!!!
(Dubious achievements of the Disney/Harry girls "+ guy")
7) Best laugh: Patty of course!
8) Drama Queen: hmm...none of us really, maybe lauren if i had to choose one...
9) Last to arrive: LMAO **ERIN**
10)Craziest driver: hehe, prolly me

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5:29 pm
The first entry! "like a virgin!"
YAY!! I now dub thee, the official site of the Disney/Harry Girls! All in attendance comment, to make your presense known! and for fun! Please Answer:

1) Fav Movie:
2) Fav character:
3) Fav part of fantasmic:
4) Fav part of Believe:
5) Fav ride:
6) Fav land:
7) Fav place to eat:
8) Fav store:
9) Best person to ride with:
10) Fav song:

1) Fav Movie:
2) Fav character:
3) Fav book:
4) Fav spell:
5) Fav class:
6) Fav house:
7) Fav magical creature:
8) Fav magical treat:
9) Fav sorting hat rhyme:
10) Fav Quidditch position:

1) Fav inside joke:
2) Fav Troy play (you were in):
3) Fav Troy play (you werent in):
4) Fav Denny's moment:
5) Best Cast Party:
6) Memorable Disneyland moment:
(Dubious achievements of the Disney/Harry girls "+ guy")
7) Best laugh:
8) Drama Queen:
9) Last to arrive:
10)Craziest driver:

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