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Survey Says!!!

1) Fav Movie: Beauty and the Beast and Parent Trap (the old one of course)...o yeah, and Pirates
2) Fav character: Belle
3) Fav part of fantasmic: The Joygasm of course....but acutally, Wendy when she bounces up and down with the pirates, for some reason i *love* the coreography of that part...
4) Fav part of Believe: em-eye-see-kay-ee-why em-oh-you-ess-ee
5) Fav ride: Haunted (when its normal)
6) Fav land: Fantasy Land
7) Fav place to eat: Gibson Girl
8) Fav store: Tink shoppe (before it was changed to the princessness)
9) Best person to ride with: hmm...prolly lauren
10) Fav song: Red Yellow Green Red Blue Blue Blue (hehe)

1) Fav Movie: hmm...both, cant decide
2) Fav character: Katie Bell of course....and prolly Snape cuase hes so well written
3) Fav book: PoA
4) Fav spell: expecto patronum...i wonder what mine would be?!?
5) Fav class: History of Magic, cuase i am acutally being taught by Prof Binns this sem...only hes not transparent....or dead....o well, a girl can dream
6) Fav house: GO GO GRYFFINDORS!!!
7) Fav magical creature: bubotuber...come on is that not the coolest name ever?!?
8) Fav magical treat: in real life cockroach clusters or butterbeer, in the book butterbeer and licorice wands
9) Fav sorting hat rhyme: 5th...i love Helga Hufflepuff now!
10) Fav Quidditch position: Chaser of course!!

1) Fav inside joke: the Christmas PUSSY!!! (and the "you're a ____", which we finally have a comeback to the comeback)
2) Fav Troy play (you were in): Picnic and White Watch!!!! yay twinkies!!!!
3) Fav Troy play (you werent in): Masked Rider of the Black Hills '99
4) Fav Denny's moment: having pics taken of us in our Harry Costumes
5) Best Cast Party: Christmas Carol (make *loff* to the camera) or Picnic (10 fingers...very intersting) or Drama Awards '02 (*giggles*)
6) Memorable Disneyland moment: the Chocolate Covered Goodness!!! and meeting the Yeti!!!!
(Dubious achievements of the Disney/Harry girls "+ guy")
7) Best laugh: Patty of course!
8) Drama Queen: hmm...none of us really, maybe lauren if i had to choose one...
9) Last to arrive: LMAO **ERIN**
10)Craziest driver: hehe, prolly me
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