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The first entry! "like a virgin!"

YAY!! I now dub thee, the official site of the Disney/Harry Girls! All in attendance comment, to make your presense known! and for fun! Please Answer:

1) Fav Movie:
2) Fav character:
3) Fav part of fantasmic:
4) Fav part of Believe:
5) Fav ride:
6) Fav land:
7) Fav place to eat:
8) Fav store:
9) Best person to ride with:
10) Fav song:

1) Fav Movie:
2) Fav character:
3) Fav book:
4) Fav spell:
5) Fav class:
6) Fav house:
7) Fav magical creature:
8) Fav magical treat:
9) Fav sorting hat rhyme:
10) Fav Quidditch position:

1) Fav inside joke:
2) Fav Troy play (you were in):
3) Fav Troy play (you werent in):
4) Fav Denny's moment:
5) Best Cast Party:
6) Memorable Disneyland moment:
(Dubious achievements of the Disney/Harry girls "+ guy")
7) Best laugh:
8) Drama Queen:
9) Last to arrive:
10)Craziest driver:
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